August 30, 2018

August's artist in the spotlight - Katrine Hald / Johs Hejl

August's artist in the spotlight - Katrine Hald / Johs Hejl

Jana Udovenko


“Artist in the spotlight” is a monthly series where the Backstage team will be introducing a new Low-Fi musician or band every month. We are kicking it off with Katrine Hald / Johs Hejl, who joined us recently.  

The Low-Fi family is continuously growing and we have many new talented artists joining on a regular. With such a wide variety of musicians it can be a challenge to keep up with all of them, so we thought it could be a good idea to pick a few artists and give them some spotlight here on Backstage to learn who they are and what they sound like. One of the latest additions to Low-Fi is a duo comprised of Katrine Hald and Johs Hejl, and we’re thrilled to introduce them to you.

Both musicians hail from the Western part of Jutland, Denmark and have known each other from the start of the new millenium when they were playing together in a band called Antophones. However, their musical experience doesn’t end just there, since each of them has also played together with many other bands like Sorten Muld, Under Byen, and Klondyke.

Inspired by such legendary artists as Neil Young, Patti Smith and Bob Dylan, their music falls under the singer-songwriter category, but it comes with a twist. By using many different instruments they bring a lot of fresh sounds to the genre, whilst also sticking to the traditional elements.

Katrine Hald and Johs Hejl

You can clearly hear these influences on their EP Quiet Riot released last winter. It opens up with a slow ballad called Friend Song with Katrine at the piano and the microphone, and momentarily your mind springs to Ane Brun and her distinct smokey vocals. It’s a perfect atmosphere for the upcoming sweater weather when you just want to spend your days on the windowsill with a warm cup of tea in your hands and some slight melancholy in your heart.

While exploring a darker atmosphere with the piano, Quiet Riot also plays around with lighter tones and more upbeat melodies by switching intermittently between a ukulele and an acoustic guitar. This gives the EP more texture and different layers to explore while also maintaining a common thread and feel of the record as a whole.

Lyrically, the EP touches a lot upon different tales from the city. Whether it’s feeling lonely in the concrete jungle or finding some solace in it, Katrine’s lyrics paint a beautiful picture of her inner world in these surroundings.

After listening to Quiet Riot, you can easily understand why the duo has already received acclaim from their fellow musicians. “I love this! She sounds - amazing. The production and mix is lovely and lively and warm and I love it. I honestly think there is magic in those songs, especially in the way she sings and breaths them... - sucks me in as listener,” writes Jan de Vrode, the producer of Nive Nielsen.

If you’re intrigued by this and would like Katrine and Johs to bring their lovely atmosphere into your living room, you can book them here.

Remember to check out their EP Quiet Riot below.

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