July 11, 2018

Ben Chawes - the meeting point of pop, soul, jazz and beatbox

Ben Chawes - the meeting point of pop, soul, jazz and beatbox

Mihaela Yordanova

Ben Chawes interview photo

Ever since Backstage got itself a head-to-toe makeover (if you hadn’t noticed, ta-da, you’re looking at it), the team has been itching to spice things up in our content too. So, this week we decided to publish in video format. It’s a Backstage first, but it certainly won’t be the last. Unless you hate it. But we hope you don’t (praying to baby Jesus).

Last week I met up with singer, musician and vocal instrumentalist Ben Chawes, who’ll be playing his first Low-Fi concert at Hotel Danmark on July 12th. The initial plan was simply to shoot a short teaser to spread the word about Ben’s upcoming concert; but then, on the day of our meeting, the idea to also do an interview popped up. Ben was kind enough to roll with it and spent some time talking to me about what he does, and how he got started. Plus, he shared a thing or two about beatboxing - which, by the way, wasn’t even called beatboxing when he started doing it as a kid. But, enough written words, this is supposed to be a vlog.


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