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June 21, 2018
Christy Dokbua

I don’t shy away from exploring new music. Every chance I get, whether that be at a music festival or just a random night out, I will always go and see at least one band I have never heard of. And every time it has been either an amazing or at least an interesting experience. Occasionally, I might even find a new all-time favorite.

Being a new writer on Backstage, I feel a similar sense of intrigue and excitement delving into the various artists on the Low-Fi platform for the first time.
While listening, I catch myself reminiscing about past experiences, whether it is the feeling of falling in love, feeling hopelessly alone or the memories of never ending train rides in Copenhagen - different songs remind me of certain situations.

I end up with a list of artists who managed to stir something within me, whether that be intrigue, calmness or even recklessness. My list is also a blend of many different styles and genres - ranging from experimental, ambient, indie pop, jazz to classical music. But without further ado, here is my personal top ten artists from Low-Fi, listed alphabetically:


Blå Minder

Black coffee, comfy socks and foggy autumn days are a few things that I think of when listening to Blå Minder. The Copenhagen based band released their debut album “Forskudt” in 2017. It is made up of poetic dreamy vocals and soft indie instrumentation, drowning in guitar pedals. It’s enough to make you get up and sway away in a small cafe, thinking “isn’t it too dreamy?”


Feel Freeze 

Creating tracks that range from pop bangers to slow poetic ballads, Feel Freeze aren’t afraid to be both sensitive and strong. Their songs evoke a feeling of playfulness and fierceness that would make you want to dance at a party with your good friends until dawn and then come home to a loved one in the morning.



James Black

When I saw the video of the performance for James Black’s music I was confused, but intrigued. The show “This piece will improve your life” features synchronized movement and instrumentation, containing an ensemble of over 10 people on the stage at any given moment. I don't think it's a big stretch to assume that seeing James Black performing this live (or even more so - a scaled-down version in a living room setting) would be an experience that would be mystifying and unforgettable.


Michael Barcelona And The World

Perfect for calm summer days, Michael Barcelona And The World provides a breath of fresh air in the everyday chaos and troubles of city life. Their music is like a sonic safe haven for taking a short break from the big city and embracing the feeling of small town hygge.


mono mono

In contrast to the band I mentioned previously, mono mono shakes you into the state of mind of a cosmopolitan. Their new EP “Natural” captures a feeling of confidence and freedom. The album feels like walking through a big city blinded by lights and sound.


Mute State

Mute State creates ambient music that is calming yet stimulating. You can use this relaxing ambience in any setting whether you are reading, studying, cooking, or going for a contemplative walk. Mute State’s frontman, Tao, composes an interesting mix of jazz guitar and electronic music to create pure ambient bliss. It is thought provoking, beautiful and relaxing.


The New Investors

This flirtatious band brings me back to my (not so long ago) teenage years where the parties were long and the nights in, spend with friends regretting what we did at parties, were even longer. Or the times when my best friend and I would pretend that we were oh-so adult and drink red wine together in our boarding school rooms. The New Investors’ album is packed with electronic indie pop bangers that will guarantee to make you feel like you are skipping school and acting out.


The Other Side of Beauty

This ambient project by Tri Minh, feels as if it is trying to capture the wonders of the world we live in. The soothing soundscapes complimented by distorted samples create a beautifully haunting experience that would surely make you give Tri Minh your full attention while you are under his spell.


Ruilin Li

Here is the first and only classical album in my top ten, Ruilin Li surprised me with her skill and mastery on the accordion - an instrument that I have admittedly not thought much about in a classical context. Her emotionally expressive movements and beautiful melodies would be an experience that I would not be able to pass up on, if I had the chance. Perhaps, I would be so lucky to see her perform with Low-Fi soon!


Teenage Love

Ending this list with a bang, this explosive indie electronic-pop duo marks the end of this journey kicking and screaming. The two front women, Anna and Katy, are continents apart but that doesn’t stop them from creating catchy and funky tunes that are perfect for a gym session or for any time you might need a little energy booster. This band serves  good vibes and energetic beats, as if they were born to do exactly that!

Photo: Mihaela Yordanova


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