February 28, 2019

Concert with a Soul: Mirja Klippel & Alex Jønsson

Concert with a Soul: Mirja Klippel & Alex Jønsson

Miruna Dumitraşcu


The “Concert with a Soul” series hosted by Think.dk are back. The next one happens on March 28, and the musical duo composed of Mirja Klippel and Alex Jønsson are in charge of delivering a melodic and poetic experience that will take you on a trip through the chambers of your heart. Tackling topics from love and longing to social injustice, whilst leaving hope for a better future.

Mirja Klippel is a Finnish singer-songwriter currently based in Copenhagen who was named “Songwriter of the Year 2016” by the Danish Music Awards Folk. Klippel sings of “lightweight” themes such as war and love; of longing, of blood ties and grandfathers fighting each for their own country. She sings of nomad life and compassion – and of never completely belonging anywhere.  

Klippel is also one of the musicians who do not only work to put her best out there creatively, but work really hard for the post-production, release, and promotion of her music. Earlier in 2018, she created a kickstarter campaign to raise funds and take “River of Silver” to the finish line.

“Being the producer myself, I have been responsible of all the aspects of the making of this album. Recording music in uncompromising audio quality and printing it on vinyl is expensive, and starting a project like this without any certainty of how the bills would be paid has been both extremely stressful, challenging and rewarding.”

(Mirja Klippel, Kickstarter 2018)

With one album released in 2018, “River of Silver”, an EP in in 2016, “Lift Your Lion”, and numerous collaborations such as “I think You’re Awesome “Kiss Your Darlings” (2017), Kristina Issa “Afraid of  Whales” (2014), Duo Kämmi “Niittyhumala” (2010), this musician doesn’t rest. The Low-Fi concert in March is part of Mirja's promo tour for her latest release. Aside from Denmark, she is also stopping in Germany, Lithuania, Russia and Poland.


Joining Mirja for this tour is Alex Jønsson, an award winning Danish guitarist, that combines individual composition and improvisation in such an original blend. Jønsson had released three albums so far, and just like Mirja is creatively restless. Some of you might have seen him during the Low-Fi x VinterJazz 2018 edition, where he bedazzled us with his gentle guitar sounds.


We’re so excited that the Low-Fi hosts and dearest friends from Think.dk decided to collaborate with these two musicians to create an amazing experience for the Low-Fi community. Mirja with her handmade nylon string guitar Backed by her musical partner Alex Jønsson’s vocals and electric guitar, and with her acoustic, the duo is set to deliver a profound musical experience. There may or may not be a  waldzither included in this one. And, if you haven’t heard this plucked string mandolin-like instrument that dates back to the 1900s, this could be your chance.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then make sure you grab your ticket here before it’s sold out. 
You can read more about Mirja Klippel’s story on her website, and listen to her music on Spotify.
You can find more info about Alex Jønsson on his website and check out his music and live performances on YouTube.

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