December 13, 2018

December's artist in the spotlight - Jordan Jackson

December's artist in the spotlight - Jordan Jackson

Miruna Dumitraşcu


Backstage's “Artist in the spotlight” for December is the super talented Jordan Jackson. Every month the series “Artist in the spotlight” features the latest Low-Fi musical crush of the Backstage team. Jordan is a pianist and singer-songwriter from London who is currently based in Denmark. She already had her first Low-Fi concert at Villa Kultur where she dazzled the audience of the sold out concert with her soulful setlist.

A mixture of soul, jazz, reggae and pop would be a plain way of describing Jordan’s music. In lack of better words, and the joke’s on me, because a writer should know better. But one could say she straddles lines that go from Alicia Keys, through Amy Winehouse to Sade.

We met Jordan earlier this December when she played a concert at Villa Kultur and won us over with her soulful style. The mix of new music, plus some of her older songs from her last EP "Footprints" from 2017, warmed the hearts of everyone who braved the cold that night to make it to the cozy old villa.

Jordan was born and raised in the UK, but she is no stranger to Danish audiences. You might have seen her in a concert at Copenhagen Jazz Festival in 2016 or when she performed on the popular Danish TV show Danske Pop at the beginning of 2017.

For this concert she was accompanied by a bass player and a drummer, as well as a violinist for one of the songs. Jordan’s repertoire moved naturally between themes and personal events such as moving to a new country, love and break-up or getting another shot at love. The more heartbreaking it got, the sweeter the relief.


She carried the concert’s narrative with honesty and no fluffines — with funny anecdotes about moving to Copenhagen and trying to wrap her head around the language. All of these followed by real attempts of speaking Danish or even translating the song titles into Danish. Cheers for the effort! Some of us might have given up on that.

When she announced in the beginning that there will be plenty of audience interaction, I was already praying to all forces of the universe that the musician won’t put a mic in front of my lips and ask me to sing along. With the cold I was nursing at the time, this possibility made me imagine all kinds of scenarios, either of which ended with the audience bursting into laughter when they would hear me sing. Or, it could go the other way — nodding nervously and saying “No, no, no, can’t do this” and becoming the reason for the concert to get all awkward.

Thankfully, none of the scenarios above came to life and awkwardness was successfully avoided!

Jordan kept the mic to herself, while conducting the entire room to sing or hum different notes of the same tune - “Footprints”. I mimicked singing until the end of the song with utmost confidence. So, naturally, the entire room sounded like a decent choir during their first warm-up before practice. A non-invasive audience interaction throughout an entire song is definitely my jam.

Jordan performing at Villa Kultur

Given the amount of obvious enjoyment on the sides of both performers and audience, the concert seamingly went by too quickly, even Jordan herself jokingly wondered “Did we play the songs faster or something?”. 

However, if at this point you are regretting not snatching a ticket for this concert, don’t fret, because there is another one coming! This one will also be a double threat, because Jordan will share the stage with JuWehl, an up-and-coming soulstar and a new favorite of ours.

If you want to see Jordan Jackson live, this is where you can get a ticket for her second Low-Fi concert, together with JuWehl. And if you would like to enjoy her online, make sure you check her out on Facebook and Spotify.

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