TOP 10


October 17, 2017
Ebba Wester


top 10


October 17, 2017
Ebba Wester


If there’s one thing everybody likes it’s the comforting simplicity and inherent optimism of a good list: wish lists, bucket lists, grocery lists, playlists, lists of different kinds of lists… the following is another such list.

This top-ten list has been carefully and lovingly curated from Low-Fi’s long and winding scroll of talented musicians. It reveals my soft spot for electronic pop and dreamy female vocals, but the selection also boasts an eclectic mix of styles and inspirations, from funk and soul to country and rock. What these talented musicians really have in common is their ability to whisk you away with their storytelling, to excite the imagination and transport you to hypnotic dream states, beloved childhood memories, and whimsical fairy tales. So, in the spirit of Low-Fi’s intimate and alternative concerts, I have detailed each artist selection with a fantasy scenario – or possible future Low-Fi concert? – describing what I’m listening to, where I am, and what I’m drinking. I’ll let the music inspire you for yourself from there.


Rest in beats

What I’m listening to: Fugle Kan Dø
Where I am: Around a blazing and bewitching bonfire, under a
starry night sky
What I’m drinking: Hot herbal tea from a metal tumbler being
passed around



What I’m listening to: Like a Crystal
Where I am: In a dim-lit and smoky saloon, at an unknown time of day
What I’m drinking: Whiskey, straight up no ice (ft. a thump as the empty shot glass hits the bar table)



Ivy Roots

What I’m listening to: Although Interlude
Where I am: Painting my nails on floor of my best friends’ bedroom
What I’m drinking: My second large glass of rosé (sticky on the edges from my lip gloss)



What I’m listening to: Time & Tide Waits for No Man
Where I am: On a beach somewhere along the Swedish West coast, end of summer
What I’m drinking: Elderflower and wild berry magic potion


Fräulein Hona

What I’m listening to: La Percée Du Soleil
Where I am: Floating down river in a wood carved canoe
What I’m drinking: White tea



What I’m listening to: I See You Go
Where I am: On a leather sofa in deep, wine-induced conversation at a Thursday-evening dinner party
What I’m drinking: Pinot Noir


Blå Minder

What I’m listening to: For Hende
Where I am: On the bus ride home after a great party, Sunday 5am
What I’m drinking: Hot filter coffee, paper cup 


Nubian Sounds

What I’m listening to: The Train Song
Where I am: Dancing in the streets
What I’m drinking: Fizzy lemonade



What I’m listening to: Her Turn
Where I am: People watching at the after-party of an art gallery opening
What I’m drinking: Vodka martinis


mono mono

What I’m listening to: Helium Ballon
Where I am: Rooftop lounge party, sunset
What I’m drinking: Soixante Quinze


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