March 13, 2018

Exploring spaces beyond the living room

Exploring spaces beyond the living room

Jana Udovenko


You might ask yourself – what does a honey factory and Low-Fi have in common? The answer is actually much simpler than you think. Just like Low-Fi, the local honey connoisseurs at Bybi like exploring new places and spaces for goosebumps-evoking experiences, so it only seemed natural to join forces and bring together the best of both worlds by serving the audience a rock concert topped with some honey.

Even though it was a chilly Sunday evening, Bybi’s courtyard was lit with candles inviting curious music lovers in their well-prepared headquarters. As soon as you opened the door, you got immersed into a magical atmosphere filled with wonder. Distant chirping of grasshoppers filled the room and enticed you to go deeper into the darkness to explore what’s on the other side.

"After making your way through, you found yourself surrounded by walls of glistening honey"

After making your way through, you found yourself surrounded by walls of glistening honey and, as we learned later, each wall represented a batch from a certain year spanning all the way from 2014. In the middle of all of this was a cute little stage made out of wooden pallets and string lights. As if the whole place wasn’t already oozing of coziness, guests were also offered a warm apple drink to warm up their musical senses from an unusually cold and harsh March weather.


The night’s musical offering FooN took on pretty much the same strategy by switching up their typically hard rocking set into an acoustic performance, a so-called Ember session. Their set was a healthy mix of cover songs (shout out to Of Monsters and Men, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, and Harry Styles) and teasers from their upcoming album Tidals & Embers out April 12th, and you really have to give props to the band for stepping out of their element and trying something completely new.


"the band felt very comfortable with making small talk in-between songs, which eased up the atmosphere"

Even though it was noticeable here and there that playing an acoustic set is not something the band does on a regular basis, that is the beauty of firsts – the next time is always going to be better.

You also have to commend FooN for being so good at engaging the audience. Whether it’s making everybody chant ‘I don’t care’ or asking which One Direction member everybody likes best, the band felt very comfortable with making small talk in-between songs, which eased up the atmosphere and made everybody feel welcome and included.


The director of Bybi, Oliver Maxwell, also played a major role in setting the scene and breaking the ice in the room. His amusing saga about the birds and the bees (literally) sent everybody into stitches of laughter, as we learned that the male bee gets ripped into shreds after successfully mating with the queen bee. And the most important thing – as he is slowly falling down to the ground and into his death, the only thing on the male bee’s mind is that it was all worth it and if he had the chance, he would do it again. Because passion and fun is above just mere reproduction.


As I’m heading out of the venue I can’t help but think that the world of music is exactly the same. Musicians often create their best work while going through tremendous pain, and at the end of the day all of them will tell you that it was worth it. Because our passion for music stands above all. Above any hardships. Above any barriers. Above the bees.

You can check out and book FooN on Low-Fi or create your own magical night at Bybi
All the pretty pics were taken by Charlotte Slot.


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