February 21, 2019

February's artist in the spotlight - JuWehl: New Nordic R'n'B 

February's artist in the spotlight - JuWehl: New Nordic R'n'B

Jana Udovenko


photo by @uglydugly

JuWehl has been the buzzword at Low-Fi offices for months now. Ever since the artist joined our community, the interest has been growing and growing, so we thought we’d take a closer look at him as our artist in the spotlight for February. We also took the opportunity to ask a couple of questions about his music and what exciting things are happening with him. And if you get excited about JuWehl, you can always co-create a concert with him!

Behind the name JuWehl is Martin Van Der Wehle, working together with producer Laust Juel. If you take a closer look at their surnames, you’ll recognise where the name JuWehl came from, making it a cute nod to shiny jewels.

You’ll easily get the comparison as well, because their music sounds like dripping candy on the ground (thank you for the phrase Beyonce) with lucious funk, soul and hip hop instrumentations. Their lyrics on the other hand flow in the same vein as their fellow Danish musicians Phlake with lots of innuendos and sensual references. Take their very first single You On Your Back, for example, which describes a relationship with a nymphomaniac even though the real message of the song is about fighting your demons.


Even though JuWehl is usually a duo, you can often see them perform live together with their all-female funk group. For more intimate experiences, you can also just stick to the basics and listen to Martin’s crooning voice simply backed by a piano. No matter which scenario you happen to experience, we’re confident that you will not be left disappointed, as in this short period of time JuWehl has already had a sold out show and received praises from concert goers like Michal: “Simply the best concert ever. The setting was so great and the atmosphere. And of course the musicians. So full of light, beauty love and talent.”


Here is Martin in his own words:

Tell us a bit about your project JuWehl? You have a background in hip-hop, right?

M: Me and Laust both got a background in hip hop. Laust is a part of the notorious group Nobody Beats The Beats and has worked with giants like Erick Sermon. I grew up in Næstved, spent time at Næstved Ungdomsskole, where I was heavily influenced by the hip hop culture. In Næstved legends like CMP showed the way and inspired me and my crew to grab the mic, write graffiti, breakdance and spin records. 

What is it like working with a producer?

M: Laust is my main producer and my mentor. I love working with him. He has a lot of experience and tricks up his sleeve. I really feel like he brings up the best in me.

We spent about 5 years perfecting our sound. 
I think we did about 200 sketches, of which we picked 5 tracks for our debut-EP. 
But now this label called Krekpek from Berlin wants to release our first EP. It’s wicked, man.


Congrats, that’s amazing! Can you talk a bit about your creative process? 

M: I constantly make new music to stay creative. I also have a band, so I write new material and practice the old songs at the same time. That’s a good process for me, it keeps me on my toes and helps me remember what works for me.


You already had one Low-Fi concert, what was that experience like? And what do you think about intimate concerts in general?

M: That was so dope - I would definitely be down for doing that again. I loved the whole vibe about the intimate concert. It was in many ways a lot more intense for me than doing a gig on a stage, because people are so close to you, which means that can look everyone in the eyes and feel their energy on a whole other level.

If you are interested in hosting a concert with JuWehl or any other artist, you can read how that works in our CONCERT GUIDE.

If you are interested in hosting a concert with JuWehl or any other artist, you can read how that works in our CONCERT GUIDE.

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