September 22, 2017

A heartfelt homage
to Nørrebro

A heartfelt homage
to Nørrebro

Jana Udovenko


German pianist Sternlumen is celebrating the release of his sophomore album Nørrebro Nights on Friday 22 September, and we have prepared a special treat for you. It’s the second single titled Nørrebrogade, which is a dreamy piece about all things Nørrebro. Whether it’s downing one beer after another during Distortion, running for your life at a marathon, or painting with colourful chalk, this street has been the epicentre of the so-called hippest area of Copenhagen and a key element in every Copenhagener’s life.

Nørrebro is also the beloved home for Sternlumen a.k.a Thomas Kudela and his piano, and the six tracks in the new album encompass a wide spectrum of emotions:

"The compositions express each their own ambience: melancholy, loneliness, madness, new found love, friendship and the special feeling at dawn when you bicycle over Dronning Louise’s Bridge,” describes Thomas.

You will find a bit of everything in this album, also musically. Classical piano meets a bit of jazz and minimalism here, and to ensure an optimal sound and ambience, Nørrebro Nights was recorded on a Steinway D Grand piano in the jazz studio MillFactory in the Nordvest area – the rougher brother of Nørrebro. It was mixed and mastered by Boe Larsen and produced by Thomas himself.

On Friday 22 September there is also a unique opportunity to experience Nørrebro Nights live in the very heart of Nørrebro – Koncertkirken at Blågardsplads. Sternlumen has specifically chosen to play there, because it symbolises what Nørrebro Nights is all about – “a unique concert hall in an authentic and multicultural quarter where opposites meet and art is born”.
Vi ses!


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