October 25, 2018

Interview with Yoav - My music became three dimensional

Interview with Yoav - My music became three dimensional

Mihaela Yordanova

Last time Yoav was in Denmark he played at Store Vega, in September 2018 he came back for a super intimate show with Low-Fi. Naturally, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to talk to him while he was in Copenhagen and get the scoop of what has been going on, and what is coming up. Yoav was rehearsing for the gig when we stopped by, so you can also enjoy some behind-the-scenes footage from that session.

The South-African musician with Israeli-Romanian roots has been at it for more than 10 years. His first album “Charmed and Strange” (2008) became popular around the world and especially in Denmark after a chance play of the hit “Club Thing” on a Danish radio show. Since then Yoav has been back many times, playing all the big stages in Copenhagen. This time, however, he was in Copenhagen for a very special intimate show with Low-Fi. The ocassion; his 4th studio album Multiverse.


The Rehearsal

We are at a rehearsing space at Refshaleøen. Yoav is sitting on a chair on a small stage, playing the guitar, singing and pressing a lot of little buttons with his bare feet on all the equipment that is on the floor in front of him. It’s pretty dark and there are red drapes on both sides of the stage. Combined with the lighting, it results in a very Twin Peaks-esque vibe and I get a little excited about shooting some video.

We agree that he will keep doing his thing while I get some footage. It’s super relaxed and I take my time, also using the opportunity to get a preview of the upcoming show. Having this chance to watch Yoav rehearse is a bit of a consolation, since the Low-Fi team is going to the Music Tech fest that weekend and I won’t be able to attend his concert.


Yoav pic

The Interview

After a while we sit down to talk. Mostly for my own curiosity I ask if he has ever played a living room concert. “Not, an actual official concert, no”, he answers. “This is the first, so it’s going to be interesting. It’s a nice way for me to get into playing again and to show some of the superfans my new material, while I am still building my new crazy stage setup.”

He does have a lot more equipment in his setup than you normally see at a Low-Fi concert and I am curious how would that play out. “There are many ways that I can play, it really depends on the space. I can play just with a guitar if it’s a small room and I don’t need amplification. I can do a really nice set with guitar and voice, that has beats and things that I am doing live on the guitar, so there are all kinds of scales”, explains Yoav in, what seems like is, his naturally calm manner. After a brief pause he adds “It would be an interesting challenge to see how I can adapt my thing to the living room.”

The conversation shifts towards what is new in the way that Yoav performs and the new album, and since this is the main focus, you should hear about it from Yoav himself. Plus, you can get a bit of behind-the-scenes insight.

Watch Yoav talk about his way of using the guitar and technology, the new album and how it came to be:

Last thing we need to cover is what is coming up and if the Low-Fi show is kicking of the tour cycle for the new album. “This is sort of me dipping my toe in” Yoav says. “The proper tour will be next year February or March. This is really just to share some of my new music, show people what I’ve been doing and what I am in the process of doing, and also for me to see how it is working, how I can change things and make it better.”

You can stream Yoav's new album Multiverse on Spotify and follow him on Facebook for latest updates.

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