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January 23, 2018
Jana Udovenko


top 10


January 23, 2018
Jana Udovenko


Ranging from peaceful ambience to youthful spunk, these are my top ten Low-Fi musicians.

Picking your top ten is never easy. Especially with such a big pool of variety. After all, Low-Fi marketplace consists of more than 150 artists spanning over 16 different genres. As I said, not an easy task. However, after plenty of searching and digging I found those ten artists who resembled my musical taste the most. You’ll find plenty of electronic influences in here, together with some sweet acoustic indie and some bubbly pop.


Tri Minh

Tri Minh captivated me right away with his calm, atmospheric sounds. What seemed even more intriguing was that his musical journey started at Hanoi Conservatory of Music in Vietnam, where he mastered his craft. After experimenting with jazz for a bit, Tri Minh turned to electronic music, where he masterfully incorporated the peace and the depth of ambience with traditional Vietnamese sounds. It’s truly a winning combo for chillout evenings and warm summer nights.


Human Growth Harmony

When you first see the promo material from Human Growth Harmony, you don’t really expect much. A pumped up torso and a dirty brunch plate does not necessarily signal that you will find depth in this music. However, if you immerse yourself in the 4AM in New York City video, you realise that the Slusarski brothers actually have a lot to offer. Although quite different than the rest of their work, 4AM in New York City is the perfect soundtrack for a night ride in the city, just as the video suggests. The track’s soothing ambience combined with the big city lights makes you feel like you’re in the movie Enter the Void, just floating around and enjoying the buzz around you from a safe space.




Although I have not seen Pearlcoder live, his concert description was one of the most intriguing ones on the platform. A dark room filled with colourful visuals that match the glitchy beats of Pearlcorder’s music – what’s not to like? But don’t get me wrong, I didn’t choose Pearlcorder only based on his visual performances. The music itself is stunning as well. It’s like a wild trip through space and video games that makes you wanna dance till the sun comes up.


Rest in Beats

My first introduction to the Danish duo Rest in Beats was way back in 2015 when they played a show at Uhørt – a festival for new and up-and-coming Danish bands. I still remember how Rezwan Farmi and Sebastian Rønde caught my attention with their explosive energy, and their show definitely became one of the most memorable of the festival. If you don’t understand Danish, don’t worry, their music transcends language and will make you fall in love even if you don’t understand every single lyric.


Hush Forever

I chose Hush Forever because of how light his music felt. It was like a ray of sunshine that we all miss so much in these grey Danish winters. The secret behind this warm sound is a gentle mix of acoustic guitars, vintage synthesizers, and analogue drum machines that the Malmø-native Sebastian Lilja puts together so carefully. He is also in charge of his music from A to Z – Sebastian writes, records, produces, finances, and releases all his material, which gives his music that extra love and special care.



Maria Gottschalk makes bubbly indie pop that puts a smile on your face. She will charm you both musically and with her personality. Maria is a real sweetheart and it reflects in the way she makes music – it’s uplifting, considerate and romantic. Even though Maria hasn’t released any new music since 2015, you can book her on Low-Fi to bring her wonderful voice right to your apartment.


Kaia Kena

Just like Gottschalk, Kaia Kena impressed me with her vocals. Her voice has the ability to pierce through you and paint an emotional landscape of what she’s going through. Unlike Gottschalk, Kaia hails from the US. Be sure to check out her Visual Concept Album that was backed by music lovers on Kickstarter and made this multi-disciplinary EP a reality.


Kristian Harting

Kristian is an experienced troubadour, who has travelled the world with his music and it shows in his work. His songs are not your typical guitar sing-alongs. They are laced with heavy electronic interceptions that take you from the safe space of acoustic folk into the whirlwinds of heavy synthesizers, and this unexpected layer of sound is what makes Kristian’s music so interesting. Whenever you think that you know exactly what’s going to happen, he takes the wheel and steers you off the cliff with his sonic waterfalls.


Twins of June

An acoustic guitar, a synthesizer, and two twin brothers. This is the winning formula of Jesper and Jonas a.k.a. Twins of June, who bring you beautiful indie ballads. You will hear a hint of Bon Iver and Ed Sheeran here and there, so if you’re looking for a romantic afternoon in your living room, these guys are exactly what you’re looking for.


Alice Hills

It’s no secret that Low-Fi is filled with talented singer-songwriters, so maybe it’s no wonder that I have another acoustic wonder on my top ten. Alice Hills is a German musician based in Berlin and she inhabits the free spirit of the city. With feathers in her hair and fire in her eyes she sings about love and, to quote her album from 2015, despair, and her confidence wins you over straight away.


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