May 8, 2018

Latest musical releases in the
Low-Fi community

Latest musical releases in the
Low-Fi community

Jana Udovenko


Playing house concerts is surely a cosy and rewarding activity, however, being a musician extends way beyond performing music. It’s the art of creating music itself and expressing yourself and the world around you by means of different soundscapes. While our Low-Fi musicians have proven themselves on the live scene, they are also eager to transcend the feel-good vibes from a concert onto their recorded material. So we decided to have a look at the latest releases from Low-Fi artists to see if they have been able to capture their inner magic in the studio.

Ellie – There She Goes (EP)

Ellie is a folk quartet from Aarhus that loves wrapping nostalgic sound and mood in a modern context. These guys are name-dropping Neil Young almost everywhere they go, so you can pretty much get a feel of where their music is heading. It’s carrying a lot of storytelling ranging from roaming country fields to staying sober, and if you close your eyes, you will be able to picture the setting straight away (cue in yellow corn fields swaying in the breeze). The EPs title track There She Goes is a sincere love song about a certain beautiful brunette – an ode that every woman would like to have written about her and certainly one of the highlights on this EP. You can definitely hear the band’s appreciation for the folk rock and country music throughout the whole EP, so you’ll quickly notice that Ellie is not trying to reinvent the wheel. Instead, they are working on refining what they know and love, which gives this classical folk sound a new life (or listen) in these modern times.

State of Sea – Illusions (EP)

State of Sea is a Danish-American collab that released their first ever EP just last month in April. Although the trio is not found on Low-Fi (yet), it’s one of the musical homes for Anna Scharling, the talented Danish singer-songwriter, who is also no stranger to Low-Fi as well as participating in different musical projects. This time she has joined State of Sea to take on a journey of crossing both musical and state borders. You will clearly hear this on the Illusions EP, which was inspired by the group’s fantasies of Edward Snowden fleeing to Russia and is filled with dark undertones. However, it’s not all gloomy – their sound on the record is swaying just like the sea, so amidst the fear and the unknown you will find rays of sun beaming through.

Solvej – Fra Vestjylland og Hjem (EP)

Solvej is a singer-songwriter from Aalborg, who now calls Copenhagen her home. The distance and the contrast between the two cities has been the biggest inspiration for Solvej, hence the birth of her debut EP Fra Vestjylland og Hjem, which translates to From West Jutland to Home. This compilation of eight songs is an incredibly honest and sincere presentation of Solvej’s relationship between herself and these cities. She’s not trying to paint a pretty picture and is just bluntly revealing her emotions, which is beautiful to listen to. Although Solvej mostly sings in Danish, her heartfelt songs will capture also those, who do not understand every single word. This EP has already received four stars from the leading Danish music magazine Gaffa, and many Low-Fiers have been in awe of her performances, so don’t miss out on her upcoming concert at a country house with a garden on July 28th.

If any of this made you excited, you can always book or invite Ellie, Anna Scharling of State of Sea and Solvej to play a concert at your place, on the Low-Fi platform.


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