March 29, 2017

Low-fi's musical crushes

Low-fi's musical crushes

Low-fi team


A collage of our collective musical wishes for artists that we want to join
the Low-Fi community

Despite of all the different things the members of the Low-Fi team do, in and outside of Low-Fi, in the core of it all is that we are all music lovers. Music is the thing that brings us together in what we do. We geek over new musical finds and we get super excited whenever an artist, we think it’s cool, joins the Low-Fi community. We also share among ourselves the bands we are listening to and very often the recommendations come with a sigh “Ah, It’d be so awesome to have them join Low-Fi”. SO, we are putting it out in the universe! Here are part of the team’s wishes who we want to have on Low-Fi. And we shall see if all of those lifestyle gurus that are telling us to “manifest reality” are actually right. Make it happen!

Anne (Founder & CEO)

I would love to have Annelise join the Low-Fi community. Fast paced and upbeat, with touch of the Middle East in some of the later singles, Annelise will get the party started… She also already collaborated with one of the honorary Low-Fiers, Lady Smita. Plus, you can’t have too many badass female rappers in your crew!

Delia (Head of design)

When I’m looking for summer sunshine and escape, Masasolo and their dreampop approach to life never goes wrong. The thought of having them play a home concert almost makes me feel confident about quitting vitamin D. I mean, who even needs it with the sound they bring? She may not have really loved them, but I do. 

Erika (Writer)

It’s a summer day in Copenhagen. Sun shines through large windows. Paper Island bustles with togetherness across the glistening water. In the Royal Playhouse, Blaue Blume are playing Sky for a beaming audience. There’s urgency and harmony in their sound and intricacy in their lyrics. And it all feels so intimate. This concert from July 2016 holds a special place in my heart. I’d only dare replace it with a living room concert. Sure, these guys have played Roskilde and DR Koncerthuset, but hey! A girl can dream (and wear out the repeat button on the Syzygy Sessions).

Fatima (Community manager)

There’s soooo many to choose from, but right now I’m pretty excited about the all-girl band Ida Red. The band consists of 4 amazing women, singers, musicians and songwriters from Copenhagen: Nanna B, Nanna E, Alexandra and Greta. They’re pretty badass. Together they’ll serve you with dreamy and colorful electropop that will have you floating to a whole different world – and I know from experience, that they’ll give an amazing live experience.

Jana (Writer)

I discovered the Danish singer Di Garbi completely by accident. She was the opening act for Julie Byrne at the Jazzhouse back in September 2017, and I was surprised by how captivating she was on stage. Di Garbi just seemed so confident and candid up there whether she was telling a story about a deeply emotional song or just cracking some jokes while sipping a drink. And then the music kicked in. A cinematic universe that just filled the whole room with electronic undertones and a gentle piano. If the gorgeous music wasn’t enough, Di Garbi also has an amazing voice that both complements the atmosphere and is at the very core of each song. I would love to experience that in the intimacy of a living room.

Jonas (Host coordinator)

My pick is Vildnis. They just have great songs about existential topics. It’s a typical folk band but typical does not mean boring in this case. They do music in a straight-out way that is so honest and lovely. Boyish vocals and very clever lyrics about society, solidarity and love as a macro-thing. It creates a musical experience with a lot of warmth and humor, that would be great in intimate settings.

Mihaela (Video & content manager)

Aahh I have so many. But if I have to go with one it would be Amelifè. I saw them play a short set in January and I was immediately hooked. Her music is so fairy-like and otherworldly. She takes you on a journey. Amalie Hededam, the driving force behind Amelifè, is one of those artists that are extra special live. Her spirit is so genuine and earnest and it comes through her performance beautifully. I would love to see them play a concert in a garden on a warm summer night – string lights peppering the darkness, the smell of summer hanging in the air. Universe, please make it happen.

Miruna (Writer)

I’d love to see Sonja LaBianca live in a home concert. And I choose to write “home concert” and not “living room concert”. I’d see it as an entire apartment room-to-room kind of concert, like a sensorial experience, just like her debut album. “About Room, Room to Be, Rooms” (Eget Værelse, 2017) was recorded in different locations such as a bell tower, a silo and a garage according to salt peanuts. You can hear from different tones how her minimalist music contours the feeling of home or makes a home out of lonely spaces. Even the album title seems like serendipity to me.

Stine (Co-founder & CTO/CMO)

My pick for a new artist for Low-Fi is My Bubba. Some years ago, I unexpectedly encountered this folk duo (…that night a trio) in Copenhagen where they warming up for Jenny Wilson. Ever since, I’ve had a crush on their music. It’s warm, playful and 100% cozy! I imagine the ideal setting for their Low-fi show is a living room concert in a country house with My Bubba playing next to a fireplace. I would actually do it myself and invite all Low-Fiers to come!

See you in a living room!
The Low-Fi team


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