March 27, 2017

Low-Fi team recommends: indie

Low-Fi team recommends: indie

Erika Balint


So you’ve finally decided to host a concert in your home. If you are anything like me, this is the first in a seemingly endless string of meticulous decisions to make. When to do it? Should I have it as a closed event or should I open my home to strangers? What do I tell my neighbors? Do I have enough chairs? What is a universally accepted yummy snack?


Oh, wait. WHO should inaugurate my living room as a place of music and amplified togetherness?

Regarding that last question, worry not! Low-Fi’s got your back – and abundantly so.  

Thankfully, as soon as you enter the platform, you are equipped with sidekicks in the form of filters to help navigate among the hundreds of available musicians. What to choose, what to choose? Well, my heart does beat strong for the underdog, for the ones that get it done on their own terms. That’s it! Buckle up for an ode to the busker, to the storyteller, to the rebel soul: the indie musician.  

Embarking on a love spaceship with Feel Freeze

Feel Freeze provides the perfect soundtrack for anniversaries of first kisses and proposals to spend eternity together.

This boundlessly hopeful and unexpectedly sounding duo will test the elasticity of your mouth and heart when they launch into their anthems for and about love.

Their full length album comes out later this year and you should keep an eye out for it. Who knows, they might need a living room to relaunch it, which according to Mathias was the perfect setting when they suddenly got picked by a label and had to do a second release party for their first LP.

Curing homesickness with Peter Doran 

Whenever home calls, I find myself falling into Hozier and Glen Hansard. There’s something about Irish soulfulness and storytelling that faithfully quiets my longing.   

Low-Fi has got their very own Irish great “in-house” singer-songwriter Peter Doran. .   

Confession time: I’ve secretly been feeling Irish these days. My historian flatmate with an ethnologist for mother tells me that it’s the folk connection between Ireland and the beautiful Maramures I was born into. For one, we are masters of dark humor on both sides of the English Channel. Maybe I’m just homesick. Heal me, Peter.

Too cool for school with Rest in Beats

If the time ever comes for another graduation in my life, the sound to celebrate it is definitely Rest in Beats.

The duo will make you feel understatedly too cool for school the moment you lay eyes on them. Not to mention their dizzying wordplay and hypnotic, well… beats.  

Here’s a taster from an earlier Low-Fi concert to carry you into head bobbing and hip swaying.

Chasing the dream with Alice Hills 

If I ever trade comfort for writing, you’ll find me in a living room, gushing over this German singer-songwriter.  

Alice Hills has earned the colourful feathers in her fedora on the streets of Berlin. Born the same year as I am, she started writing songs at 12 and performing them for passers-by five years later. Today, she earns her living as an independent musician. Which begs the question: what have I done with my life?

In an acoustic setting, Alice smilingly casts her powerful and rich voice straight into your soul.

Her album Songs of Love and Despair is available for streaming and download on Bandcamp.


If you’re up for a good laugh – and who isn’t – I dare you to keep a straight face while you give a listen to London based Gecko.

Humor and storytelling intertwine as poems and guitar strings charmingly play together in this youngster’s performance (Yes, I sometimes forget I’m 25).

Have a sample of Gecko’s knack for minute observation in this hopeful kitchen session about our big, changing world.  

P.S.: What IS a universally accepted yummy snack?


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