February 15, 2017

Meet ROE in anticipation of her Low-Fi concert

Meet ROE in anticipation of her Low-Fi concert

Sabina Fratila


I just love it when I get to discover an artist – not because of Spotify’s eerie algorithm of recommendations, not because a friend was listening to them or they are the opening act for an artist I already like, but because, well, because I’m lucky enough to be part of the Low-fi team. What I mean is that with every upcoming Low-fi concert, I never really know what to expect, and that’s perfect. All I have to do is to keep my ears open.

This time, in preparation for next week’s concert, I opened my ears to hear ROE’s music. This is the musical project of Marta Reguera, Bilbao-born but Stockholm-based singer and songwriter. She likes to mix electronic sounds that resemble what I imagine I’d hear as I walked in an abandoned foundry, pounding on dusty, cool pipes and knocking on old furnaces, which used to contain burning metal but now only carry the chilling echo I created. That’s what, in my view, permeates through all her tracks: the memory, the implied presence of fire and warmth in something that feels cold at first touch. Swedish label RåSounds released four of her tracks so far. In CRACK, STORM, CARTOGRAPHY and VOICES, Marta tells stories about looking for meaning, connections and threads in the chaos of life, in the memory of old relationships, in her own fears and uncertainties. There’s still much more that she doesn’t tell, but hides in her music as riddles and deep, reverberating beats.

But that’s exactly what makes it exciting. The fact that I don’t really know much about ROE. I can’t even say what her stage name stands for. Of course, I could have contacted her and uncovered the mystery, but I decided not to. I want to discover more next week, at the concert, and maybe ask her about it. Unless you beat me to it :) 

See you there!
P.S. Yeah, that means you need to reserve your seat for her concert at think.dk, right away.


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