August 20, 2017

Pass it on:
Joel Havea

Pass it on:
Joel Havea

Miruna Dumitrascu


It feels good to rave about our community of music lovers sometimes.

And what better way to praise our guests, hosts and musicians alike than by sharing your stories with the world? Since we can’t do everything at once, we decided to kick off with the people going through blood, sweat and tears to put out their creative efforts – musicians.

For the past few months, there’s been a secret game going on the Low-Fi platform. An artist gets three questions concerning the meaning of life and after they answer, they choose another artist from the Low-Fi platform who’ll get the same questions, and the second artist chooses another one, and so on.

Now, in all seriousness and quirkiness we give you this:


Joel Havea

Joel is one of those artists who collected stories from all over the world. You can feel these influences even in his music: some Soul, a bit of Funk and Reggae, and a lot of indurated acoustics from his Polynesian roots. After some extensive world travel playing gigs throughout Asia and Europe, Joel found a new home in Hamburg, Germany.

He met Leo Lazar (Drums & Vocals) and Arnd Geise (Bass) and starting working together on the Joel Havea Trio project.  They released their first record together, “Setting Sail” on the 31st of March 2017 and since then have been on tour throughout Europe.


Why home concerts?

House concerts offer a unique experience for both artists and guests. As a performer, it’s a chance to play your songs in a comfy and trusting environment, with an intimacy and directness rarely seen during a club show. It’s also an opportunity to meet open-minded music lovers from all over the world and get a brief snapshot of their lives. Basically, house concerts are awesome!


What’s your favorite spot in your home and why?

My music room. That’s where I keep all my guitars and write most of my songs, though my lounge room would be a close second.


Why does music matter?

When it’s done right, music is essentially pure emotion, expressed through a song, a riff, a melody or even rhythm. A great song takes you back to the original feeling that the writer had when they created it. If it’s a good song, the feeling stays with you, long after the track is over. This is also why at times, the language and lyrics are not that important and you can have a strong emotional reaction to music sung in foreign language. As a songwriter, I’m just trying to express my own emotions in the most eloquent way I can. I don’t always manage to do this, but when I actually do, it’s very rewarding to share these songs with other people, especially live. It’s pure and it’s real and keeps me motivated. Simply put, music is food for the soul.


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