July 17, 2017

Pass it on:
Trine from Jørck

Pass it on:
Trine from Jørck

Miruna Dumitrascu


It feels good to rave about our community of music lovers sometimes.

And what better way to praise our guests, hosts and musicians alike than by sharing your stories to the world? Since we can’t do everything at once, we decided to kick off with the people going through blood, sweat and tears to put out their creative efforts – musicians.

For the past few months, there’s been a secret game going on the Low-Fi platform. An artist gets three questions concerning the meaning of life and after they answer, they choose another artist from the Low-Fi platform who’ll get the same questions, and the second artist chooses another one, and so on.

Now, in all seriousness and quirkiness we give you this:


Trine from Jørck

JØRCK = Trine Jørck + Tobias Guldager

The Copenhagen-based duo that debuted back in 2012 with Sustainable Dream. Just to put their music into a few words (although it wouldn’t really do them justice): imagine diving into an atmospheric trance that gets even more nuances with their alluring guitar hooks.

We asked Trine a few questions and this is what surfaced:

Why home concerts?

It creates another type of intimacy and ultimately a better space for sharing those ideas that lie in music. The audience seems more attentive and as a musician it is easier to sense their reaction. Home concerts seem to strengthen one aspect of music: a dialogue between the musician and listeners, rather than a monologue transmitted from musicians to listeners. I like this shift, it makes a more meaningful experience for me.

What’s your favorite spot in your home and why?

The kitchen. I don’t know why but we always end up there.

Why does music matter?

It makes us feel, reflect, and maybe – without being too philosophical  – it can push the boundaries of how we see the world. Music, in its nonverbal form, has a way of communicating that is not one on one, but about sentiments, and reflections that language can’t seem to capture. It can present to us nuances of the world and help us broaden our perspective.

At the same time, I started to value silence, and I don’t like when people use music without thinking, as a way of escaping the world. I have noticed that the way I listen to music changes all the time. I think it is important to follow that rhythm, based on your instinct, and listen to the music that makes you feel more present, more reflective, and more aware, and not just because it has become a habit to put on music. At the moment, I don’t listen to as much music as I normally do, and a lot of music doesn’t give me anything, so I either change the songs or turn the music off. And the things I used to love bore me a bit. But suddenly I like listening to classical music.

You can listen to their music on SoundcloudYoutube and Spotify.


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