June 02, 2017

Pass it on:
Select Captain

Pass it on:
Select Captain

Miruna Dumitrascu


It feels good to rave about our community of music lovers sometimes.

And what better way to praise our guests, hosts and musicians alike than by sharing your stories to the world? Since we can’t do everything at once, we decided to kick off with the people going through blood, sweat and tears to put out their creative efforts – musicians.

For the past few months, there’s been a secret game going on the Low-Fi platform. An artist gets three questions concerning the meaning of life and after they answer, they choose another artist from the Low-Fi platform who’ll get the same questions, and the second artist chooses another one, and so on.

Now, in all seriousness and quirkiness we give you this:


Select Captain

Select Captain, or Kristian Gaarskjær’s singer-songwriter-guitarist alter-ego, might be the echoing voice of the beat generation poets. He’s taking listeners through the classical ‘66 road trip soundscape of acoustic instruments and storytelling.

Kristian has been doing this for at least three years now and his latest album is called Strings & Feathers (2016).


Why home concerts?

Wow, so many reasons. My music seems to suit the cozy setting and I like the intimacy of it. I like meeting my audience and talking about music and lyrical themes. It’s an easier way to try and make an income in a cultural landscape that is normally packed with shows, concerts, and events every day. I’ve met wonderful people and even gained friendships playing in strangers homes.


What’s your favorite spot in your home and why?

The kitchen. Cause I’m allowed to smoke out the window there.


Why does music matter?

To me, music is life. It sounds pretentious and all, but I couldn’t imagine my life without music. It’s all about feelings plain and simple. Positive or negative, music tells it all.

You can book a concert with Select Captain in your living room through the Low-Fi platform and listen to his music on his websiteYoutube, and Spotify.


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