September 27, 2018

September’s artist
in the spotlight —

September’s artist in the spotlight — MOODY

Miruna Dumitraşcu

Miruna Dumitraşcu


Moody perfoming in a special Low-Fi show in the crypt of Copenhagen's Town Hall. Photos: Mihaela Yordanova

“Artist in the spotlight” is a series where the Backstage team is introducing a new Low-Fi musician or a band every month. We are continuing this series with MOODY, who joined our platform recently. She already had her first Low-Fi concert and the entire Backstage team was in complete awe of her music and vibe, so we just had to spread the love.


You may know her from performing at CPH Pride and SPOT Festival in 2018, or as the winner of Danish P3’s radio “Karrierekanonen” in 2017, or maybe even from her Low-Fi concert in Copenhagen’s Town Hall crypt. We, at Low-Fi, were lucky to get to know Josefine Moody, or MOODY, a little bit at our summer party, where she rocked the house without even using a microphone. Her crisp voice does not need amplification and effects to make you listen and most importantly - dance, which is what happened exactly three songs into her performance.

Sharing stories over dinner later on, we learn that Josefine was not even into singing when she was younger, she was acting and dancing, before realizing that singing is her path and that she needs to learn how to do that. That’s right, Moody claims she wasn’t born with the talent, she taught herself to do it. That’s pretty cool in our book. Not only she had to learn to sing, but also taught herself how to produce music by watching YouTube tutorials!

As a producer and singer-songwriter MOODY, puts together a super groovy mix of pop and r&b. It might be a bit of a stretch, but if her songs were a place, that’s where soft tones meet synthesizers. She is keen to inspire a whole generation with her upbeat, yet soulful pop and she successfully delivers a powerful message about unchaining oneself from society’s norms.

Her first EP, “Golden Souls”, came out in 2016 and although it’s only eighteen minutes long, it has it all: from soulful confessions, to sharp beats and cheeky lyrics. It starts out with the heartfelt “Gave U Everything” which tricks you into a downtempo, chill mood so you think you can just sit back and relax, but not quite. When the chorus from “F0khard” hits your ears, it gets you questioning if you should be even listening to it at work. “This is for U” ends the EP on the sweetest note, leaving a childlike voice sample of “They can be best friends, but sometimes they do fall in love” up in the air.

"Karma" (2017) really gets down with the funk on soft beats and extremely catchy lyrics. This will get you singing shamelessly “Karma is a bitch, boy/Throw you in a ditch boy” by the end of the tune. There’s no escaping this, especially if you’re witnessing it live.

Her latest song, “Say the word” from April, 2018 sounds exactly like good pop in heavy rotation should sound like: soothing vocals, upbeat song, instilling that ticklish feeling when the chorus hits. All this combined makes up for the jam you should definitely include in your party playlist. 

If you ever get the chance to dance to some good Moody pop and r&b, you better jump on that opportunity. You can read more about her music and concerts on her profile on Low-Fi, listen to her music on Spotify, or watch her latest videos on YouTube.

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