May 31, 2018

So Fresh, So New

So Fresh, So New 

Miruna Dumitraşcu × Delia Albu-Comănescu

Miruna Dumitraşcu × Delia Albu-Comănescu


Maybe you have heard that earlier this year we launched the new Low-Fi platform. While we were busy making sure that everything works, new things were happening on the music front. You know what it’s like: life happens, while you’re fixing bugs. In other words, with every passing week new awesome musicians were joining our community. We’d love to write about all of them at once, but let’s start with a few, so that you can get a little taste.   

James Walker (United Kingdom/Denmark)

James is an indie and folk artist from the UK who has performed at over 200 shows in the past twelve months with artists such as Adam Barnes. His debut album, “English Bones”, was released in 2017 and has received both national and international radio play.

James approaches his craft through a grassroots perspective and he works entirely independently of labels. He’ll be in Copenhagen at the beginning of October, so you can book him for an intimate concert or a private event / living room concert. Go, go, go!

Katinka Stage (Denmark)

Katinka is a Danish singer-songwriter based in Copenhagen, who you have the chance to see very soon. She is playing a concert on the June 24th! Katinka can seemingly sing about pretty much anything. Or in her words:

"(...) som synger om både stort og småt."

At least, that’s what you get from her album entitled “Savsmuld”. She goes through themes such as moving a bed on Valby Langgade, to voodoo, and to singing about changing her a life with a remote control (if she only could).

Nadia Okrusko (Denmark)

Nadia is a classically trained pianist who has been playing for over 20 years. Her repertoire goes from Renaissance and Baroque pieces by Dowland and Scarlatti, to contemporary music by Messiaen or Thomas Ades.

She enjoys playing impressionistic music of Ravel and Debussy, and late romantic music of Scriabin. Her interests don’t stop at classical music, as Nadia is also passionate about other music genres, especially folk and traditional music from different regions of the world.

Graceville (Denmark)

Graceville claim that their music is perfect for a living room concert or a small venue, and we don’t dispute that.

Their music goes through different constellations, but one can expect some good singer-songwriting, and mellow music performed with vocal and guitar, violin, and double bass.

Marcus Winther-John (Denmark)

You might know Marcus Winther-John as a part of Inside the Whale, but since those days, he's spent his time writing for musicians like Sanne Salomonsen or Christopher.

So, while you're attending one of his concerts (he has one coming up on June 21) you might also get the inside scoop on the way some of these collaborations worked and the intimate stories behind them.

Carlos Barragán (Denmark)

When you hear Carlos Barragán playing Bach on his acoustic guitar, it's tough to not get a little Andres Segovia lightbulb lighting up in your head.

Carlos is a guitarist trained at the Royal Danish Music Academy and besides playing a mean classical guitar repertoire, you can find him playing electric and electro acoustic guitar as a part of his rock band, Desarme.

And the best thing of all? You can book any of them of them to play a concert in your home. In fact, go on, don't let us keep you.


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