May 23, 2017



Miruna Dumitrascu


Photo: Mona La Phona | Facebook

An Electro-acoustic circle or the chronicle of the analog-digital quarrel. Berlin-based duo Mona la Phona is getting ready to enthrall us on May 26, in Copenhagen, at

They only met a few years ago, but it sounds like they’ve been looking for each other for more than that. Mona la Phona is the outcome of Sonja’s songwriting artistry meeting Svenja’s passion for strings. Pretty basic, you’re thinking? Voice meets guitar, meets happy-go-lucky vibe and it’s a wrap. Hold your horses there.

Each song contains a universe in itself – dreamy guitar sounds or bells on one side, synthesizers and beats on the other. Their latest release shifts from bits of melancholic vibes to feelings of uneasiness and even danciness. Imagine all this wrapped in visuals in one of the cosiest places in Copenhagen.

These two are mixing guitar with piano and synths into some fine music pieces that blend naturally with gentle vocals. They released two EPs so far – Glowing seas (2014) and Electric Seas (2015) – and now are happy to announce and hopefully play something from their newest release Where is everybody? (2017) on Friday.


A snippet of their recent work
Drifter starts as a childhood throwback that you don’t even get to really grasp because it melts, in just a few seconds, into hazy electric guitar sounds, soft beats and what seem to be toy sounds.

You can book your ticket here for the Mona La Phona through the Low-Fi platform. If you don’t have an account yet, it only takes a few clicks to set it up.

Read more about Mona la Phona on their website, and listen to their music on SpotifySoundcloud, and Youtube.


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