March 29, 2017

Here comes the spring playlist

Here comes the
spring playlist

Low-fi team


Some sleazy metaphor on hibernation would be redundant in these lines. Mostly because we didn’t sleep, or binge-watch every possible series, but the Low-Fi team grew even bigger in the past two months. And you know what they say, the more the merrier playlist!

Naturally, we came up with a spring playlist and some stories behind these particular music choices. By the way, don’t expect any leitmotif whatsoever since we’re shifting through languages and decades: from The Beatles to some forgotten Pitchfork’s picks from the golden age of indie rock ‘07, and Calvin Harris.

You know how some playlists tend to be blatantly nostalgic or overly-happy-pom-poms-glittercore? Well, we decided to embrace both, and the universe contained in between mood poles.

And it sounds a little bit like this…

Jamie Cullum – Catch the Sun

It was April, we were in a park and it was pouring, just pouring rain. But we needed to stay strong as the one and only Jamie Cullum was playing his Open Air Concert for us – literally! When we were already drenched in water, he got onto the stage, jamming the first chords of this song – and it suddenly felt very much like the sunniest spring day. Oh, what music can do to you! Mareike’s picks (UX Designer)

Devendra Banhart – I feel just like a child
Spring means rain and consequently, puddles and I can’t help myself from jumping in.

The Smiths – This Charming man
In Copenhagen you don’t get to see people’s faces in wintertime and then, spring comes and everyone is shedding all the layers and I am stunned at the beauty unveiled.

Bombay Bicycle Club – It’s alright now

So uplifting. Makes me think of the sun breaking through rainy clouds

Lykke Li – Little Bit

Cutest song ever. Her voice is so innocent and playful. Spring all the way! Ilinca’s picks (SoMe Ninja)

I know I’m the one who included The Beatles in our playlists, but the truth is that I am not a Beatles fan at all. Gasp! Heresy! …Yes, I know. Maybe because they’re too upbeat even if it’s a sad song or because we always had to sing one of their songs during music class in school. However, I always liked “Here Comes The Sun”  because it’s uplifting without being annoyingly over positive.

Also, I really love Florence and the Machine, and I love this version of the song cause it’s undeniably danceable and colorful. Monika’s picks (Content Marketing)

Blur – Parklife
What’s the first thing Danish people do when spring finally arrives? Run to the parks, obviously. Anders’ picks (Concert Producer)

Nina Simone – Feeling Good

Spring’s arrival it’s the ultimate sign that I’m almost done with my thesis. And this kept me going during those long, sleepless nights! 

Ohhioh – Chains to change
Chasing love can be quite a struggle. But then it finally happens. Zuzanna’s picks (Community Manager)

Skeggs – L.S.D.

Courtship. – Stop For Nothing

These two songs make my spring happy-mood kick in. And I just realised they’re all about drugs. Charlotte’s picks (Content writer)

Listen to the entire playlist here. Or hit play below.


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