September 13, 2018

Synthesizing love through music - The New Investors way

Synthesizing love through music - The New Investors way

Christy Dokbua

Camilla Hylleberg Photography

We sat down with The New Investors, a Copenhagen based indie pop band, to talk about their latest album called “In Love with Everyone” and their upcoming Low-Fi show on Sep 26. The album definitely echoes the sentiment of the title as it dances melancholically through the, ever so familiar, highs, lows, and heart-breaks that are brought on by love. However, The New Investors take the familiar subject and offer some new theories and interesting perspectives on the experience of love in all its forms. Can love be synthesized through music? Glenn Müller, frontman of The New Investors is here to offer his own take on the matter.


Can you tell me more about your new album “In love with Everyone” and the concept behind it?

Glenn: I can, yeah! Actually, the first song on the album “Molly”, we sing “You’re in love with everyone”. That’s where the title comes from. It is obviously about a certain drug that is very popular at the moment. There’s also a lot of names, there’s “Patricia”, “Deborah”, “Eva”, and “Molly”. There’s also “So Paddy”...But Paddy is a guy, actually. So, we had the concept before we even realized it. Originally these songs came out and were mostly about women that are completely fictional but in a way it all reflects love in different aspects and what love sometimes ends up being. For example, “Deborah” is actually a song about loneliness but loneliness through a guy who has chosen to be. So, it’s loneliness in a modern way, I would say. We tend to chose to live as individuals nowadays. More people choose their personal freedom and self realization, therefore not going into romantic relationships. The downside of this that scares most people, it’s quite existential, is that it may result in loneliness because you don’t create a family and you may find yourself surrounded by friends with families.

Then, there is “love” in a drug form. You can easily sort of synthesize love, since there is a chemical reaction in our brain creating the way we feel. That’s what Molly says, that “love is chemistry”. For example, people always say “the chemistry was not there”, people often refer to chemistry when talking about their internal relationships. Then, there is this “molly” drug making you feel very happy and a love that is purely chemical. A reaction in your brain. So can we actually replace the love that we usually have created for ourselves through relationships another way? We claim to be the chemists of love because we try to isolate the pure element of love. Is it just a chemical reaction in our brain… Or is there more to it? This album is a sort of research to find the true element of love

So, every song represents a single aspect of love?

Glenn: Exactly! It’s not only melancholic there is still some happier songs. If you heard our first album it was quite sunny and beachy. So, it kind of takes you through different moods that are related to a certain aspects of love.

I heard that you sometimes perform in lab coats! What are some other ways you convey your albums concept in live performances?

Glenn: I think during live performances you should definitely step out of yourself. When you’re on the stage, you sort of have the obligation to be entertaining. I mean, it’s pop music! It’s nice to see someone performing and trying to look different and that they didn’t just step out of the office into the venue. The lab coats were obvious, since we were the ‘chemists of love” and that made it easy to appear in uniform. Recently we actually stopped with the lab coats, but I’ve found something new that I would never usually wear! It’s quite difficult to describe. It’s kind of a bathrobe for an old lady, it’s yellow and nicely decorated. It’s in corduroy, the textile. It’s a bit too small for me but I think it looked really cool. I enjoy wearing these uniforms because it allows me to step out of myself and become the performer rather than the personal ‘me’. I think that’s less boring. It could have also been obvious for us to dress as actual investors and wear suits but you see that a lot already, bands wearing suits. An artist that also really inspires me is Ariel Pink. I really like his weirdness, he’s sort of a funny character that draws my attention and curiosity. He looks completely silly and has a lot of silly songs, he has brilliant pop songs. I think you can still be a serious musician or composer even if you look silly. 

Ariel Pink is cool. What other musical influences do The New Investors have?

Glenn: We’ve always been really into 60’s psychedelic pop music. I know it’s a bit boring to say The Beatles but they are truly a big inspiration to us. The Beach Boys as well, the whole California West-coast scene from the 60’s. In terms of more modern bands, from the 80’s, The Cure and Prefab Sprout which actually isn’t a band that a lot of people actually know of. They made some really big hits in the 80’s. They are a big influence. In terms of contemporary artists, Beach House, I don’t think you can really hear the influence in our music but it’s truly a big influence. In this album we use a lot more synthesizers. I guess that’s the only sort of thing that relates it.

You have an upcoming Low-Fi show soon. Have you ever played one of those  before?

Glenn: No, we usually play full band but this is going to be quite different than what we usually do, which i’m very excited about! We tried to take down to the very basics of the song and arranged them in different ways to make them function. Basically stripping down the songs and making them “naked” to very few instruments and having the vocals in focus. It won’t be acoustic but it will definitely be intimate.


The concert takes place in a space that’s normally not used for concerts. Have you ever played in such an unconventional setting?

Glenn: No, not really... I guess that’s also what makes it so intimate. We’re going to be really close to the audience and i’m really excited about what kind of atmosphere we are able to create together, because I think it’s very much going to depend on our contact with the people in the room.


Finally, what can the audience expect from your performance?

Glenn: That’s a surprise! We definitely will have our neon light heart with us. The one in the background of our album. The neon light is actually an atmosphere that the album has. When I made the artwork with some help from a designer, from the very beginning we felt that there was a neon light atmosphere to the album. I first had that feeling when we were writing some of the first songs, I related it to the TV series “Stranger Things”, like the intro. That atmosphere I really like it, it is sort of also Twin Peaks-like. So, neon lights have the right atmosphere and it is also a bit synthetic. The neon heart brings it to the point, that this is about love that people usually refer to as a sort of original romantic feeling but whereas we are trying to create it through chemistry. I hope the audience will be moved and touched by the chemical love that we will try to synthesize through our music!

The New Investors' Low-Fi intimate concert is taking place at the cozy Kontoret på Stefansgade in the heart of Nørrebro on the Sep 26. The show is part of a 4 part concert series, presented together with

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