September 13, 2017

Traveling roots
in a backyard

Traveling roots
in a backyard

Sabina Fratila


It doesn’t happen often to be able to bring together, on a patch of Danish land, the seeds of art and culture from the most unlikely corners of the world – but this is what you’re in for at Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen’s upcoming Low-fi concert.

Having lived most of their lives as musicians in Canada and the US, and the last few years as a Roots / Folk duo, Dan and Laurel collect stories of a past that sounds more like the future we would like to live in: a past where people were celebrating freedom, simple love, the nature, old roots that had travelled with their families from all over the world, and new roots they were growing in a new land of hope.

These stories they collect, they put into their own words, sounds and feelings and share with like-minded people in concerts as varied as their creative output. They’ve been playing in theaters, farmer’s markets, wood sheds, living rooms, gardens, cafes, festivals – both home and abroad. Now, as they’re touring Europe for the first time, they’ll stop by Anne & Casper’s lovely Ishøj home on September 17th to play for us their new album, Between The Rain (I know, right? Couldn’t have been more appropriate for Copenhagen these days).

Check it out on iTunes in advance, along with a few other favourites – of mine – from their discography:

(yes, still rain, by now it’s part of my identity as well)

(yes, still rain, by now it’s part of my identity as well)

(don’t skip the long introduction, it’s such a nice, silly story)

Join me for Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen’s concert Sunday, 17th of September, in Ishøj, in a private home. Come say hi if you see me around.

And, if you want to read more about this darling duo, check out their  Low-Fi profile!


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